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ROBI CHAKRABORTY PHOTOGRAPHY - Travel, - The desert in Haji Mir

The desert in Haji Mir

The desert in Haji Mir

As I made my self through the crowd at the country fair in the desert in Haji Mir I came across a bunch of villagers cooking their evening meal on an open fire next to their tractor trailer. As I clicked away they asked me to sit down next to them and share their meal of mutton curry and rice. I was taken by their hospitality and friendliness. Next day I found myself sitting in their tractor trailer and heading off to their village. Once in the village I was greeted by more of their kin. In this photo the daughter of the village head is doing her afternoon prayer. It did not matter to her that I was from a different religion altogether. I stayed on for a couple of days and got to know them well not to mention some colorful photos.

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irene Garden
May 13th 2017

I love the composition of this photo - the weaving of red color in diagonal and the green wall pulls me in....I can almost feel her breathing and praying. Thank you for sharing.


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